Vehicle Tracking


Simple To Get Started


Our professional engineers install a state-of-the-art device into your vehicle in less than 30 minutes. This connects with our online portal and you’re ready to go!

Powerful Functions


Up to the minute fleet visibility, tailored alerts tracking driver behaviour, Geo-Plus fraud reporting and integrated fuel usage. How have you managed without AJ Tracking?

Mobile Fleet Management


We know you’re busy. Now you can stay in control wherever you are with full access to AJ Tracking on your mobile using our App. Just another great way AJ Tracking supports your business!

  • AJ Tracking provides reliable data to track driver performance, productivity and progress

  • At a glance you can access detailed information on every journey taken, including start and finishing times, mileage and route taken

  • A car is stolen every 5 minutes in the UK - tracking greatly increases the chance of your car being recovered

From only £15/month.

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